Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mavis Gallant- Writing, Aging and Spirit

I had written this post earlier once today, and am writing it again because the cyber fairies got hold of it, and suddenly I found it gone, sucked into the vacuous black hole of cyber space. So I resigned myself to the fact it was gone and that I would have to write it again if I could remember what I had  written initially.
I then forced myself outside to shovel snow which I had been dreading for the past few days. After hours of shoveling and exhaustion set in, I just wanted to go to bed. But when I came in had my supper and got my second wind, I was wanting to get this posted tonight.

I know I am in the Winter doldrums, and experience SAD. Especially this year it seems I can't get out of my own way some days, having difficulty getting enough motivation to do the simple necessary things or least to get them started. If I can't get any thing done I write anyway, and it always makes me feel at least I've got something accomplished, and I have my journal entries, or my blog.

Speaking of sad, I felt this way to hear that Canadian writer Mavis Gallant had died today.
As I sit here writing, it is somehow fitting that I do so, while listening again to the Four Seasons of Mavis that is being re-broadcast. I had first heard it in 2012 and I was charmed, moved, listening to her speak about her life, and was a very rich one, sometimes sad, but in spite of her difficulties she had a very strong sense of who she was, and lived a full happy life. Her charm, sweet gentle voice, sense of compassion, and dark humour made me feel very drawn to her personality, and made me laugh out loud. She must have had so many wonderful memories of her days in Paris, a free and independent spirit, ahead of her time.
I think the stories Mavis Gallant told where the stories of life, and of the complexities of being human. She was the writer's writer in the truest sense.

I found this wonderful old photo below of Mavis and article in the New Yorker.

I heard a program yesterday about writing, aging and spirit , another CBC Radio program that was on  I listened too. It was about a woman, Ellen Ryan who facilitates a group of older adults to write and tell their life stories.

Mavis Gallant wrote down her soul I think, and she will be never be forgotten in seasons to come.
Rest in Peace dear lady, and may you fifth season be the very best.

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