Saturday, January 11, 2014

Passion, Creativity and Age

I am presently working for a lovely woman. She is an elder, very wise, and full of great passion for life. Having got to know her, I've learned she is very creative, with a high intellectual, and emotional IQ, in my opinion. Frankly, she amazes me in how motivated she is to continue to participate fully in life in a creative, and proactive way. I consider her to be a great inspiration and mentor. An example to those of us younger, and less motivated, who have much to learn about living creatively.

 Today, this got me thinking about creativity, and aging. I wondered how age affects creativity, and whether or not this is a factor, determining the increase or decrease in  our creative our process, and output. I believe it depends on the individual circumstance of each persons make-up, and character. Mostly, I think it has to do with what Ken Robinson subscribes to what creativity is, and how is works. Creativity he says is about applying our imaginations,  regardless of our age. Sir Robinson reaffirmed this in his interview on Q.

For a much more in depth video from The School of Life he gives a wonderful talk about passion that is very worth while talking the time to watch.

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