Tuesday, February 7, 2012

La Larona - The Weeping Woman

This is my latest painting, La Larona -The Weeping Woman. The story itself is a powerful daunting one that makes you pause, and think about what is really important in life, our relationships.

For me, my relationship with myself, with others, and with the God of my understanding is paramount in my life. That said, it is easy to get distracted and myopic in my perspective at different times in daily life losing touch with the right and wrong of people, places and things. It is having an attitude of living in the future or dwelling on the past and not appreciating or being content in and with the present moment. I have learned the hard way that projection into the future or having regrets from the past is a sure formula for unhappiness and losing your soul. Searching for something outside myself to give me happiness is futile. It makes me think of what Carl Jung refers to as being "Spiritus contra spiritum" .  "Attempting to fill a spiritual void with a material reality", is Jung's definition of addiction.

Lately I have been doing research about war in terms of the differences in the attitude and perceptions that men and women have toward it, and how it is likened to addiction, according to what the past NY Times war correspondent, journalist and Pulizer Prize winner, Chris Hedges states in his book,War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning.

The world is full of war and sometimes we often wage it with our conscience, those personal conflicts taking place within our own spirits.
I have in the past found myself on the front lines of some one else's personal battle becoming a victim or the one who has victimized in one way or another. I have taken a few emotional hostages in the past, but that's another story.

This last egg tempera painting, of La Larona-The Weeping Woman is the conclusion of this series I have been painting, based on Clarissa Pinkola's book ,Women Who Run With The Wolves. It was not my intention for this to be the last one and I will probably come back to the series again. However I have reached a juncture in my work where I am questioning what that hell am I doing as an artist. I suspect many creative people wonder this and perhaps are like me in search of deeper meaning and purpose to their work and art practice.  I think this is growth. I find myself being pulled and gravitating toward more serious work that explores feminism and global issues. It's much easier said than done and I am feeling a bit adrift right now but I have faith that I will find my way along the stepping stones in my creative path.


Designers Depot said...

i love the colors that you used! I like it a lot!

Michael R. Gaudet said...

Catherine, I just read this post and want to extend some encouragement to you to keep on creating art, no matter what. I know it can be SO difficult and challenging at times...most of the time in fact. Probably the toughest part is to maintain body and soul in the process, when all of the demands of a cash-hungry world constantly pressure us. What exactly are you doing to promote and sell your work? Have you thought about joining forces with fellow artists in your local area to start a joint studio trail for example? Like, open studios on a certain weekend(s) during your busiest tourist season? Do you have a highway sign to attract potential patrons? How about a brochure that you can leave at outlets far and wide? Do you have a retail space attached to your studio? Maybe these ideas are 'old hat' and you are already doing that, I do not know. What I do know is that I have seen artwork of yours that is very, very good! I think we maybe should tighten up our friendship and start chatting more just for fun and who knows? Something beneficial might flow out of it. I am willing if you are...Bless you and your creativity, you are so special and gifted!

Unknown said...

Hey Michael thank you for your comments they are very much appreciated. I keep pluggin' away, learning and educating myself, you know regarding promoting and selling of my work. It's not a skill most of us are the greatest at as working artists. It is definitely a self education but there is a lot of information available out on and off line networking etc. I do have a sign. There are challenges always, seems financial ones are the most significant for me.

A retail space is an excellent idea. And I DO need business cards and brochures!

Sure we should use our imagination to figure something out.

Thank you for the encouragement Michael and for the kinds words

Betsy Grant said...

I agree with "Designers". I too love the colors, and find this work very thought provoking. I love what you shared about Carl Jung. Creating art is a wonderful way to express what is within in and serve others at the same time. When I am feeling a bit down,I sing HU to open my heart to God. It has brought me upliftment. Staying creative through your art is a gift (both for you and others) You deserve encouragement, for the good you do!

Unknown said...

Betsy, Thank you for your great encouragement.

I love Carl Jung, I learned about Spiritus contra spiritum that he talks about in a book by Ernie Kurntz called, "The Spirituality of Imperfection." It is all about the significance and importance of story telling. One of those life changing books you know.