Monday, October 10, 2011

New Versions of Painting Series - Women That Run With The Wolves

When I first started this series of paintings, I considered them be studies for me, as they were my major hands on introduction to the process of using egg tempera medium. I am learning as I go and it is a rewarding  creative journey involving my subject matter and the painting process.

I have posting three of the paintings I have recently done, that are not studies, but are updated versions similar to my original studies but are now new completed pieces.

After having my first 4th class group critique , I found very helpful which lead me to change a number of elements. 

I purchased a variety of coloured inks that I am using along with India ink for my under drawing. As well the wood panels are 1/2 inch 12"x12, larger than the previous studies and the application of the egg tempera is more detailed and involved. I have added to and changed my mark making and subtracted some aspects of the imagery. The above piece is entitled, Wolf Woman, below, The Handless Maiden,, Wild Woman and of Vasilisa The Wise.


Indigene said...

Is the last painting, with the ink underpainting? Do you feel the ink offers more depth of color? Just curious...I love working with ink, although, it presents its own unique set of challenges, when combining it with other media.

Unknown said...

Yes Indigene, the paintings have ink under painting. I was using ink before with my studies, but just ball point. These are the with ink well and nib. I really love it.

Yes it does present challenges, but for me mostly I was intimidated by it for so long,you know the permanence of the mark, the challenge for me was that in my mind!

With egg tempera because the colours underneath come through because of the translucent quality of the paint and also does give depth in definition giving shadow and tone.

Ellen said...

These are absolutely great. straight form the heart. I see you love the story of Vasalisa and Baba Yaga too :)

Unknown said...

Awww thank you SO much for saying Ellen! Vasalisa... such a powerful story for women. I certainly appreciate it greatly, as it has a deep personal meaning to me as my mother helped me so much like Vasalisa's mother and well Baba Yaga?... I love her and how she is symbolic of the Crone!!!That house she lives in, with chicken legs that spins around pretty scary!!!Wouldn't want to run into that in the woods!!!