Friday, October 7, 2011

The Miniature in Art/Graeme Patterson

Today in my Contemporary Art History Class we had another guest artist lecture. This time is was with  Graeme Patterson. Last year in my Open Media class we had the opportunity to visit Graeme at his studio in Sackville New Brunswick.

Before I knew any thing about Graeme Patterson I did see an exhibition he had a few years back at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery. He had his Grudge Match installation piece exhibited and I can remember my initial reaction was thinking, wow kids would love this, and adults that would be  thinking back to their childhood memory of playing with miniature toys they either found around the house or perhaps made themselves, to create a world of their own imaginations. These are very magical times I think for children, and often lie dormant until someone or something  awakens those memories for us. I think perhaps this is creativity in it's purist expression and form.

Some of the most memorable times as a child were, when I would return to my grandparents home, where  in her living room  full of nic-nacs, that I would bring down to the floor, spending hours arranging glass animals and the like, into scenarios that would be played out in my mind.

Much of Graeme's work and art practice is about memory, breathing new life into days gone by, perhaps holding on to people, places and things precious to us, recreating and tracing moments in time and place, always with an invitation to the viewer, to participate in his world of life memories, that we all can relate to.

The second time I saw Graeme's art work for whatever reason, I was not that interested in his work. After hearing him today and learning about his development as an artist, and getting to know more about Graeme , the man, I must say, I was very struck and touched but his work and the passion and dedication to and for his art work and practice. His work and personality are both delightful, and insightful and a lot of fun.

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