Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Beautiful Dream

My good friend Joseph made a You Tube video for me. I've never made any videos of my art work so, I thought it was very kind and generous of him to do this without my request and I thought I should share it as Joseph is a talented musician and singer.

It is always such a positive affirming thing when artists support one another. This is what makes for a better world I believe. As artists we can opt out of the cut throat competitive society, where getting ahead,  no matter what the cost is the obsession. Instead we can be a united collective force with a creative vision for change. That's my beautiful dream I want to make a reality. 


Indigene said...

So beautiful!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Indigene,

I was very touched that he'd done this for me, and I think he did a very good job.

sandy said...

I must thank Betsy Grant for the link to your blog. I love the video - what a wonderful voice Joseph has and your art is wonderful too!

Does Joseph have a website or blog?

Unknown said...

I was just about to hit the hay when I found your message in my email inbox. What a lovely surprise. Thank you very much for stopping by. I must thank Betsy as well! She is a beautiful soul.
Joseph has his online presence on You Tube. I will forward the link to you. He has an unusual voice and one that touches the soul. He writes a lot of his own songs that are very moving.

I will pass your comments on to because I know it means a lot to him.
Thank you very much for your comments. And a very warm welcome to my blog I hope you will subscribe. - Catherine