Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stacy Westfall

I received this email today. I believe I had seen it in the past, but regardless it was like seeing it for the first time again it is so amazing, powerful and inspirational.

I dedicate this to all who have over come difficulty, thriving not in spite of them but because of them.

Post Script: Stacy is not deaf as previously posted, none the less, what she has accomplished is remarkable.

A Horse Whisperer

THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF AWESOME... This is absolutely amazing bridle, no saddle... All commands are by touch only.

This girl riding the horse is in her 20's - her father passed away just 24 days before this performance.
You can hear her dedication to him just before her performance so turn up your speakers a bit.
Notice that it is just her and the horse - no bit, no saddle. She uses signals and touch cues.
Oh yes, this isn't even her horse. She is training it for someone else, although she obviously has a relationship with this one.

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