Monday, June 27, 2011


GRUBB Workshop #01 from GRUBB Music on Vimeo.

I have always had a love and fascination for so called "Gypsies" every since I was a young girl. I would always dress as a "gypsy" when I was little at Halloween.

As a adult I learned more about Roma culture and also learned about how they were and are persecuted and marginalized now and throughout history. It sickened me to know of this kind of man's inhumanity again humanity.

Being a hopeful person some how I still believe in the basic goodness of humanity in spite of all the atrocities within the world. Especially when I see adults helping children through creativity because it is such an empowering and life changing tool.

This week I found out about this project happening a movement really I would even dare to say involving Roma Youth. I hope you will find it as hope inspiring as I do.

This is a poem on the site...

Because those who have no voice should be able to sing.
Because education is the shortest route to emancipation.
Because art is a homeland for those who have none.
Because there should be a dialogue between the Romany people and the rest of the world.
Because it is high time that Romanies under twenty had the opportunity to tell us what they are and what they aren’t.
Because indifference kills more people than all the bombs in the world.
Because it is no longer acceptable to act as if the segregation of Romanies does not exist.
Because it is no longer acceptable to act as if they do not exist.
Because it is important to go beyond clichés and trite generalizations.
Because we are not always the Gypsies you would like us to be.
Because we have something to say to you and we invite you to hear it.

For all these reasons…


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