Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Honouring The Trees

I spend alot of time looking out my studio window. The view I see, is of the river and dykes surrounding me. The river always is changing along with the sky, of which I have done a number of paintings. In the winter there are trees and snow with the river frozen white to see. It is really very beautiful, peaceful and speaks a different story to me then in the other seasons. There are two particular trees I see along the dyke. They have become so familiar to me and I have come to love them. So as I looked out my studio window today I thought I want to paint these trees, to honour them. That may sound odd to some, but trees have such a essence to them and I know this might sound even more odd but I feel their spirit. I don't say I understand this, I just know that, it is so, for me. This Fall the trees where so full and rich with colour, it seemed I had never seen them so beautiful. Perhaps they have always been this way however I have begun to see them differently.

Kind Regards - Catherine

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