Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blue Jay Of Happiness

In the dead cold of Winter, along with fears of financial insecurity, this combination makes it a challenge to find that creative muse. I don't believe in the adage of the suffering artist, no more than the usual stuff of life that living brings.

Sometimes there is dryness of spirit, I think that can strike people involved with their own creative path now and again. Every artist goes through this whether for brief or long periods. The longer periods of time can be very difficult. I know, as there was a time when I never thought I'd ever paint again.
I am learning that when I experience these kinds of blocks I need to simply surrender myself to the creative process without any thought for the final outcome or finished artwork. I am learning to jump right into the creative pool feet first, ignore that inner critic, the monkey on my back and see what happens! This isn't always easy or a fun process, but I do know, a necessary one. It's like play and allows me a way to work out whatever it is I need to, unconsciously. Only after the process, am I able to see what I have done and I have resolution and answer to my malaise.

This painting revealed a bird, a Blue Jay. These for me are such delightfully happy and life affirming creatures, that I love to see on Winter days. They lift my spirit and lighten my heart. They make me feel hopeful. I also found a heart that emerged middle of the picture that
was very much a surprize and made me feel good when I saw it.

I 'd heard a woman speaking on a CBC radio program who had written a book about creativity. She discussed how children work things out through play and this is just what adults do through art and creativity.

I am feeling much better now I have finished this piece!

May The Blue Jay Bird of Happiness, fly up your nose!

Best regards, Catherine

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