Friday, August 26, 2016

Art After Dark? Time To Bring Out The Nudes!

"Art After Dark"

Ok I'd held off writing about this topic long enough.

First, there is the colouring book for adults which are described by Frank Furedi the infantilisation of the therapeutic imagination.

 Now it's, about everyone making the same painting, throwing it all into one pot, and call it a great, creative, therapeutic stew. Maybe even call it "art therapy" for those of us who are out of touch with our creative selves, we'll all purchase colouring books, staying ever so careful within the lines where it's safe, but still we can still feel just a little wild and maybe imagine ourselves for however so briefly, as an artist.
I've noticed that many of those involved in both of these activities are often women. As well it is the same in art schools. The majority of Fine Art students are women, and under represented in galleries within the art establishment.

My new nemesis is what's being called Art After Dark, where you will be instructed by someone who tells you exactly how to make a painting, so that all of your 'creations' look the same, same formula, same colours same subject matter, and presumed to be an effective creative process, while perhaps gulping down copious goblets of wine.

Oh nay nay I say!

Human beings are innately creative. I believe this down, to my very bones and soul. It's my experience that women in particular have become disconnected with their naturally creative feminine nature and instinct, which emerge directly from a spiritual creative source. This creative source is where our creative power comes from, if we are courageous enough pursue this creative quest, that has absolutely nothing to do with colouring books or reproducing  formulated cookie cutter paintings.

What art and creativity it is about for women, is reclaiming the creative feminine principle, a transformation to fully embrace our feminine nature, and to value ourselves as women.

There are so many ways to connect with this creative nature and through a much more engaging creative journey, that does not involve colouring books nor being shown how to reproduce the exact same painting as everyone else.

Time to bring out the art teachers, the artists and the nudes!

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