Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Shadow and The Scapegoat

Like most people listening to the news coming out of Orlando the past few days, I have been deeply saddened and disturbed to hear once again this kind of rampage of violence perpetrated against innocents. This seems to be the present the way of the world.
Words fail to describe my feelings and to try to determine the reasons I believe are a combination of complex issues, so difficult to pin point and understand.

I think Carl Jung and René Girard have given on of the best explanations of the human condition contributing to the violent events that have happened and continue to happen in our very questionable, so called, civilized society.

 Carl Jung's perspective regarding the shadow that exists within all of us, and René Girard's description of the scapegoat make the most sense to me, but these are not to be seen as a fait accompli and a resignation from doing all that we can do to address hatred, and to actively speak out and advocate against the abuse of power and control. We must denounce those who want to suppress social justice and who instead promote hatred.

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