Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Earth Day Walk

Yesterday, Earth Day, was a good day. But everyday to me is Earth Day living in such a beautiful place as I do, and I feel very blessed because of it.

I've started back walking ever other day for an hour and a half. This morning as I went outside early I was greeted with the plethora of singing song birds, wild Canada geese, and warm sweet smelling Spring air.

On my way I encountered a small chickadee that I could almost reach out and touch, as she didn't seem afraid. A little brown squirrel and a rabbit scurried close by, and I saw what I think was an American Three Toed Woodpecker looking for breakfast, in a dead tree stump. Seeing all these tiny creatures filled my heart with happiness.

On my way back, it had gently started to rain, a few drops here and there. The soft rain gave the air an intoxicating smell of Spring and I thought to myself how I loved this earth, the land here, and everything about it. I searched the ditches for pussy willows that aren't quite out, and thoughts of Mayflowers filled my head.

Spring is my very favourite time of year, because for me it's a season of celebration, when I am even more  grateful for the beauty of the earth, as everything is in the early stages of new growth, full of the promise of new life in creation.

Yesterday in the PAINTS (Professional Artists In The Schools) program that a teacher and I facilitate together in our local school, we talked about The Circle of Courage in relation to Earth Day and what new art project we were about to create next, a tiled mosaic called an Earth Wall which they are very excited about.

 I am always so impressed with how children understand that are directly connected to one another as human beings, and to their environment. They acutely comprehend how important it is to honour and protect our earth.

I introduced them to a blog called Two Green Leaves, written by two 11 year old boys who also care about the earth and climate change. They are trying to make others aware of how important it is to understand and to try and make a difference in saving our earth.

I am so happy and grateful I walk this earth as an artist.


thesycamoretree said...

How wonderful that children are learning to care about the earth! What we learn to pay attention to, we come to appreciate. What we appreciate, we come to love. And what we love, we will protect! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Bev for all your wonderful comments. This is another one, so well expressed!

It gives us great hope and restores our faith in the future, seeing children like this.