Saturday, April 30, 2016

Is Anybody Out There?

When I was a teenager my brother had a CB radio. He use to talk to people from all over, and there was a big tall antenna atop of our house. He was also interested in HAM radio but never had the opportunity to get involved with it.

I remember the excitement and fun we'd have whenever he'd start talking to someone, and I came to really appreciate the reason people get so interested in this kind of communication. After all that's what life is all about communication with others be it human or otherwise because it's what embodies our relationship and that's what gives our life meaning, joy and purpose I think.

Here is a Paper Radio podcast called The Cosmic Frequency  that I listened to for a second time. The palpable, enthusiastic joy you will you hear from the remarkable American-Australian teacher and HAM operator, Maggie Iaquinto, is infectious and she was truly an inspirational woman.

Maggie Iaquinto
She was the first the HAM radio operator and civilian to communicate via computer to computer with a Soviet Cosmonaut in the Russian Space Station MIR.

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