Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tony Benedetto - Artist Extraordinaire

Central Park in Autumn - Tony Benedetto

I don't know anyone who doesn't love Tony Bennett (Benedetto). Nor do know many people who actually are aware of what a consummate artist he is. I am not referring to his singing ability, or his 70 year legendary career, selling millions of records world wide. I am talking about his creative talent and how prolific a painter he is, which has long been his other passion. Not to mention all the good work he has done in promoting the arts, especially with youth.

Having the opportunity on two occasions to travel to New York City, I fell for that city, and I especially loved Central Park, the streets, and the people I met. I loved almost everything about it. When I think about Tony Benedetto I immediately relate him to NYC. He's a real New Yorker.

Young Tony

His cityscapes of New York City epitomize the feel of the place and transport me right there.
If you are not a fan of Tony Bennett's and I can't imagine why not, at least check out his site and look at his art work. You won't be disappointed.

He goes all over the world and paints what he sees. His style reminds me of the impressionists, and even Cezanne sometimes. His use of mark making, colour combinations, varied subject matter, and impressions are very engaging, beautiful, and he's lovingly painting life, as he sees it.

I have to add what I deeply about Tony Benedetto is his loving demeanor. He impresses me as such a down to earth humanitarian, who loves and lives a humble life with much gratitude, and integrity. Something we can all aspire to. God Bless Tony.

Tony in his studio

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