Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year - Try For Peace and a New Kind of Light

Prior to Christmas I was asked by film maker Jackie Torrens to get involved with a project about those living on welfare, the fancy word, Social Assistance. Poverty is something I have often experienced, and I am very well aware of, however I am so very grateful, and consider myself a most fortunate one, in comparison to so many others.

This coming New Year, I hope for one thing, and that is peace within each individual and throughout the world. The kind of peace that comes from being free from war, violence, having enough food, shelter and a strong sense of belonging that comes from being loved.

When I heard this recording, made in aid of food banks, by three of the most talented Maritime women singer song writers, I had to share it. This song Try For Peace sums up my thoughts about the coming year.

Wishing all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.


aurora virtuoso to be said...

This is my favourite Christmas Album.

Unknown said...

I haven't heard it all, but what I have heard I really love. These three are some of my favourite singer songwriters.
Thanks for stopping by!