Monday, June 15, 2015

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” - Ian Maclaren

I am excited to recently learn of a book entitled "Getting There", a book about mentors.  I hope we all have mentors, everyone should have at least one. I haven't known so much about Marina Abramović who was one of the accomplished visionary mentors that inspired Gillian Zoe Segal to compile these interviews with these individuals, but I have to say Marina Abramović what I do know of her, I would definitely call her a mentor. She has overcome so much. It is a testament to the healing and trans-formative power of how our weakness can become our greatest strength, and how trials can turn into triumph.

It causes me reflect on the relationship between fear and creativity. I ask myself the question, is fear triggered by creativity or creativity triggered by fear? I know it takes courage to be an artist, then again it takes courage to be a human being.

 Here are some compelling facts and thought about Marina Abramović and people like her, published on the Brain Pickings site, that I read today, based on Gillian Zoe Segal's interview with the artist.

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