Sunday, May 18, 2014

Here's Something Incredible - Yusuke Asai

Lately I have been blogging a number of posts about street art.
It has always been absolutely essential to me that my art be subject matter that the average person can relate to on some level, and I am very keen on artist's that find alternative spaces to and ways to expose their work to the public .

Street art or using alternative space to exhibit has an ability to do this and it requires the viewer to engage with it some how, as it comes to where people are. It can be interactive and presented outside of traditional venues such as galleries and museums, it can greatly reduce the intimidation factor and is easily accessible to the average person.

An artist like this is not at the mercy of a curator, dealer or gallery owner who picks a chooses what and who will exhibit. Of course you will need to get permission to present your art work on the street usually depending on what kind of medium and genre you choose.

Here is an example of how a remarkable artist Yusuke Asai  creates a very empowering alternative way of exhibiting, that brings art, and the artist directly to a village with mud paintings.

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