Monday, May 5, 2014

Art Should Be Fun

Cindy Sherman As Mrs. Claus

Art can be a serious matter. But it doesn't have to be. I firmly believe in the importance of fun in all aspects of our lives.  Not doubt we all love to laugh, some of us laugh readily, others are more reserved. Humour is immeasurably necessary in so many ways, to lighten our load in the midst of our difficulties.

 There is something very attractive about an artist who incorporates a strong element of humour in their artwork, to convey a message whether it be lighthearted satire, a politically charged statement, or simply to present thought provoking questions.

A few artists come to mind; Suzanne Heintz, Cindy Sherman, and Mark Bryan are a few of my favourites. Those are just some of the visual multi-media artists, but there are many singers, actors and writers that I greatly admire for their satire, and ability to make us think, using humour as a tool for change.

Mark Bryan - Odalisque

" ART21: I think you have a tremendous amount of fun and there’s a lot of humor in your work yet people mostly take it very seriously. Tell me how you think about that.
SHERMAN: Well, I’m much more ignorant about Old Master paintings and art history than many people involved in the art world, so I’m not really taking it seriously. Like the tit in [Untitled (#216)] looks like a slice of half a grapefruit stuck onto someone's chest and the baby looks plastic because it is. But in Old Master paintings a lot of these figures’ breasts don’t even look real or the children look muscular, like miniature wrestlers. I guess I’m also commenting on how we think these things are masterful. Why do we think they’re so great? "

Here are a few examples of some art that is fun and might even make you laugh out loud 

Suzanne Heintz- from Life Once Removed

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