Thursday, March 21, 2013

Higher Art Education

Over the past months since my graduation, I have been seriously ruminating about, what now? I'm not the typical young graduate, is taking off for unknown parts in order to spread my wings, sow my oats and the like. No, I am a soon to be a sixty year old crone, which I am happy to be, however my situation causes me to carefully consider the pros and cons of my next steps and the direction in which I choose to head.

I've been thinking about returning to University my old Alma mater, NSCAD, where I first started my art education, in order to pursue my Masters of Fine Art. I have been asking myself all the questions, and make statements to myself that perhaps many would ask them selves, when considering this kind of rather daunting decision.

Mainly my biggest concern is monetary. I don't expect to be a better artist upon completion of an MFA, as I don't believe this is what makes or breaks what it means to be an artist. The bottom line is that I love going to school and life long learning.
According an article I read in the Huffinington Post the unofficial and unscientific research done on this matter seems to be is quite clear, receiving an MFA degree doesn't assist or enable an artist more exposure in galleries or give more opportunity for employment.

 This is an interesting debate and ARTFagcity has lots of opinions regarding important factors to consider what may or may not help me to come to a conclusive decision about obtaining my MFA.  After reading lots of posts on this topic online, I am much further ahead in deciding, but I do know I will have to turn to prayer in seeking my answer.

I would very much welcome and appreciate any feedback, comments or opinions surrounding this subject.

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