Friday, March 22, 2013

Creativity - Be Patient...Just Because...

As a little girl I was taught by my mother how to crochet, as was she was taught by her mother and my great, great, grand mothers. I wanted to learn, and fortunately she was able to teach me, patiently. I'm sure it was a pain staking process for her at times trying to convey the intricate workings of a crochet needle, how to hold it, along with the numerous single, double and triple crochet stitches I struggled to make.

 When I was a student art teacher, part of my practicum was to teach art of course. I can attest to knowing how patience is a much needed virtue to possess when teaching and learning how to crochet. It will certainly let you know in a hurry how much patience you have or lack. I found this out when on one such ocassion I had the lovely opportunity to teach little girls how to crochet at Sacred Heart Convent, which was then a private girls school, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The girls and I both learned important lessons about patience together.

I haven't been painting the past few weeks and I have been a little critical of myself for that which I needn't be. Just because I'm not painting right now does not mean I am not being creative.

I often crochet when I stop painting. I find it a meditative activity, and it gives me this generational connection with my mother and grandmothers on both sides of my family, when I think about why I love to crochet. The threads ground me to the cycle of life, and I'm bonded to my family tradition of being creative, in whatever form that takes. Writing, sewing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, cooking, baking, gardening or just paying attention to life in a creative and open mindfulness gives a person the opportunity to experience creativity.

This is what I love about being an artist, because it really is an attitude toward life, and not always, simply or even necessarily  an aptitude or talent.
So next time you think you aren't creative just because you can't draw, paint, and all the other misconceptions people have about art and creativity, I suggest to you  that it is a way of life, an approach to life, accessable to everyone, any where, and at any time, if you pay close attention, be patient with yourself, keep an open mind and an open heart.

I have been working on this crocheted project over the past month. I made this cotton top without a pattern, just because I wanted to, and I can't help being creative, and it's what I wanted to do...just because. Now I have a practical wearable art piece!

There is a vast array of youtube videos online that I'm sure can help to teach you how to crochet, but I suggest you find a patient individual to show you how to crochet you might not learn how to do it, but I guarantee you learn about patience, and you can pass it on to another. I am very fond of looking at the Vogue youtube crochet clips because of the beautiful designed creations and here's one of my favourites of a spectacular sequined shoulder wrap. Oh I love this!


Christie said...

I love your crocheted top. Very nice....lots of patience. And I really like the Vogue pattern....simple and very beautiful.

Unknown said...

Thanks Christie for stopping by and for leaving your comment!