Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anna Torma

When I first saw artist Anna Torma I was immediately struck by her aura which was warm and light. She was so humble and soft spoken. I took careful note of what wise words she said and took them to my heart. " Create what you long for" " Your life can be art, your garden can be art",  "Process was more important than the final product".

These statements expressed to me how Anna Toma believes as I do, that it is vital to have an emotional connection to your art. I sensed during her presentation she was just scratching the surface of who she is and what she has experienced in life presenting only one aspect of her art work, her love of the garden, rose gardens and medieval  gardens.  I sensed a great depth of character that comes from struggle, loss, being an outsider, and living under the austere, communist regime coming from Europe, before she immigrated to Canada from Hungary in 1988.

The follow up lecture given by Dr.  Anne Koval was very enlightening after she read a paper she'd written reviewing and the theorizing of her work.

Her embroidered installations are beautiful and amazingly rich visually, that reflect the amazing person, woman and artist that is Anna Torma.

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