Monday, December 19, 2011


I am enjoying my holiday off away from the school deadlines and traveling back and forth to Sackville everyday out on the road hitch hiking. This Christmas is an unexpectedly different one for me, but every Christmas brings particular blessings, little and big miracles and surprises, and for many of us it is a difficult time. It is always  bitter sweet because I always think about those of us that experience the season with a variety of challenges. Especially those who are in need in one way or another.

Many folks rush around, getting their underwear in a knot, stressing about purchasing gifts, aimlessly wondering the malls, going in debt for one day. Christmas is much more than one day. I always leave up some of my decorations throughout the year to remind me of the Spirit of Christmas which I want to remain, every day within my heart. Life is about our relationships with those we love, and with our fellow man. Christmas brings this all into focus.

We all have a choice as to how we celebrate the season and life. I pray to the Creator that I become a better person this Christmas and for the coming year. Because I am a person in recovery the Serenity Prayer is a very important powerful prayer and part of my daily walk in life until I am released from the earthly cord.


Betsy Grant said...

Always a good prayer. Happy Holidays to you!

Betsy Grant said...

Another good prayer is the HU It can be sung quietly anytime to open us to the love of God. HU is an ancient name for God that has been used by people of all faiths and denominations to help them become more aware of God's love.

Unknown said...

Betsy thank you for sharing this. Prayer is a wonderful thing to learn about, especially when we use it. Even the desire alone to pray, is a prayer in itself.