Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Art Work

This is a top view of my functional sculpture; two metal rings welded together with rods and rolled up recycled material from the Sally Ann stuffed tightly into the rings and voila a stool to sit on or to rest your feet! Very soft and comfy!

This here crazy thing is my Chindogu sculpture. A totally useless useful thing! It really needs to be a performance piece. My friends mother put it on and then my friend Dawn and her son put it on. It was hilarious, we laughed so hard because her mother thought it was a serious craft project which her daughter, my friend, convinced her of, naughty daughter!

It's a cosy like thingy that envelopes your head and laptop computer to close out the world when you are on line. It's made out of second hand socks I was given. I cut them in to squares and sewed the thing together. Notice the outside pockets which would normally be filled with various items of interest and use. Took me forever to sew by hand!

Here's some of my artwork I have done since my second term began. We have mostly models in my painting class and other projects we work out relating to our own ideas. I am enjoying the class very much though it is very different than last terms class which I would say is a good thing!

I will try and get some of my work posted from my drawing classes which I am really finding very enjoyable and am learning lots from both.

We have some photo projects soon due and the next sculpture project is something called Chindogu. Translation is a useless/ useful object that one invents sort of. I let you know how I make out with that one!

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