Sunday, February 7, 2010

Canadian Horses/ New Painting

I was in Minto New Brunswick a few weeks ago. This is where my family on my father's side all landed from the "old country", Germany and Poland. I have only been there a handful of times because my father was estranged from his family and left Minto, never to return for many reasons, unfortunately. This was not only a great loss for my father and his family but also for me.

I was there to visit my cousin, whom I'd never met face to face. Also I was there to reacquaint myself with Connelly's Canadian Horses, to take photographs for my internship; a historical documentation of the Canadian horse through painting and photos.

The meeting up with the Canadians was the second time I had contact with them, muzzle to muzzle. It was more amazing to me then the first time. It is difficult to describe in words just what this experience was like and what it means to me. In some ways it is like a healing of sorts. The healing that happens when you come to grips with family matters or fulfill a dream.

The Canadians seemed to know I was there just to see them. They are such people loving horses, so curious and intelligent. I didn't want to leave.

Mike had a wonderful cross section of the types of Canadian horse. The largest was over 16 hands and rather refined. The smallest was closer to the original old type of Canadian, small and very hairy. He was adorable. Mike pointed out this little fellow actually had a mustache, which I saw for myself and Mike said, in the summer he'd actually had handle bars! Good things do come in small packages and some even have mustaches!

Speaking of small packages, my cousin Alice whom I'd stayed with over the weekend is about as big as a popcorn fart and a lovely soul. She has such a love of animals, people, life and such a kind and loving spirit, with a wonderful sense of humour. Her children are so beautiful, my little cousins! It was such real pleasure to meet her, her children and all her critters. It was all part of that family healing experience for me and another part of the process of fulfilling my dream of getting closer to my family, and to Canadian horses.

In looking back over my weekend away, I now see very poignantly, how important it has been for me to come to a resolution around family issues and change what I can, accept what can and can't and in knowing the difference between the two is especially essential. Following my bliss and passions has brought me much happiness and healing and I know will continue to do so in the future.

Here is my first painting a copy of an illustration done well over a hundred years ago of what the earlier Canadian horse looked like.


clippingimages said...

nice horse paintings!

Littleironhorse said...

Thank you for visiting and for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic house painting. I love your art!

Littleironhorse said...

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