Saturday, January 9, 2010

Photos from School Portfoilo

Taking photography at University as part of my studies for my BFA is a challenge! No digital here! All the basic steps of learning how to load, develop black and white film for a 35 mm camera. Old school as they say. It's a challenge and can be enough to make one completely neurotic but well worth the effort. I'm a bare for punishment as I am taking photography again this term.

It is hard to describe the satisfaction that comes with learning and going through the whole process unless you actually do it yourself. Photography is so much more than simply taking photos. The world opens to your eyes in a way like no other. It becomes a Zen like meditative state if you open yourself to the experience and discipline.

I am very blessed and grateful to have a wonderfully gifted professor, artist and mentor, whom I seriously hope is not a dying breed from this old school of photography.

Here are some of my photos from my school portfolio I submitted last term.

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