Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More New Art

This is a photo of my last sculpture project. The assignment was to use an object from nature, and alter it in some abstract way. The process involved hand building a replication of the object with clay. Then pour plaster over it making a mold, once that was hardened, the clay is removed. Cement is finally poured into the plaster mold. Once this is hardened, it is then slowly removed using chisel and wooden mallet. Great for the biceps...but only the arm you are using, unless you can use both arms! After this process the cement sculpture is revealed!

I used my grandmother's beautiful conk shell, that was in our family ever since I can remember. I patterned it using other shells I had, and a hand tool I made from wood. I also added a Third Eye/Eye of God on the pointed end of the shell. I then applied wax to give it a little shine after buffing. I'll be putting it outside in my garden come Spring. I can hardly wait for Spring!

Next project in January will be a sculpture using chisel and wooden mallet out of a poured block of plaster I made.