Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was recently asked to submit a six by six inch tile to the Mosaic for Mental Health. The theme for this year's exhibition is "Transformation and Triumph"

Kabballah Sacred Tree of Life

I love the Fall. I can even say I love the Winter. The change of the seasons, always make me think of the rhythms of the life, death, and life cycle of our human experience on this good earth. Many believe that this cycle is simply life, and then death. I do not.
There is a world of wonder, mystery, miracle, and awe to be found in life, and in death. I have so many reasons to believe in the God of my understanding, and to have faith, that this mortal coil, is certainly not the end.

 I have a faith that has seen me through much transformation, and triumph in life. I have many to thank for this They have imparted their own faith to me. I am grateful for, and to those whom have given and continue to give, me hope to transform, and triumph over adversity, and difficulties. We cannot have the sun without the rain, nor joy without the sadness. I have come to understand why compassion, and suffering are so directly connected, and essential to happiness.

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