Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Wheeling - Sue Austin

Many years ago I had the opportunity to acquire my SCUBA certification. Initially when the idea was presented to me, I was far from enthusiastic and made excuses why I couldn't possibly undertake such a thing. Basically, I was afraid of the unknown. However reticent, I agreed to enroll in this intensive course through the Canadian Military. I was rigorously challenged to face and overcome my fears both  physically and mentally, upgrading my swimming skills and performing numerous exercises and drills in the pool.

When it came time to do our open water dive and ocean dive I was absolutely amazed and taken back by the beauty and feeling of freedom I suddenly found myself in, and an otherworldly environment. I was completely enraptured with this underwater world and it changed me in many ways for the better.

My brother suffered most of his life with multiple sclerosis. In spite of his illness he had the ability to live life with courage, compassion and love, thriving in the face of fear and difficulty. He was my mentor and example. Most of all he was my hero. I strive to live my life with such strength of character and grace.

In this video you will see an incredible person and artist, Sue Austin whom I believe exhibits the same strength of character that my brother had. I know you will be as spellbound and moved as I was when I first saw it. 

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