Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Art+o+Mat - Art Vending Machine

Art+0+Mat is a novel idea and very appealing to me. I suppose, because of it's retro and nostalgic appearance of the machines, but I also love the personal hands on immediacy, and availability of the art that is dispensed.

I expect there would be some folks that might find this silly, demeaning to the artist and to creativity itself. I think it is a great idea and wished I thought of it!

It's open to all artists submissions to sell their work, with a set price of five dollars per piece and the artist receives $2.50 for each one sold, with a production of fifty to be submitted if you are accepted.
I've posted some of my favs!


Betsy Grant said...

Where do you find this stuff?Interesting idea though!

Unknown said...

So much stuff online Betsy but I subscribe to some very interesting sites. NYC Agora Gallery in Chelsea is one of these sites!

Thinking about submitting a piece to the Art-O-Mat. I would love to have on of these machines!

Thanks for stopping by Betsy!