Friday, July 15, 2011

La Loba

My second egg tempera painting of La Loba/Wolf Woman the collector of bones.

"She collects and preserves especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world. Her cave is filled with all manner of desert creatures: the deer, the rattlesnake, the crow. But her specialty is wolves.

She creeps and crawls and sifts through the mountains and the dry riverbeds, looking for wolf bones, and when she has assembled an entire skeleton, when the last bone is in place and the beautiful white sculpture of the creature is laid before her, she sits by the fire and thinks about what song she will sing. And when she is sure, she stands over the criatura, raises her arms over it, and sings out. That is when the rib bones and leg bones of the wolf begin to flesh out and the creature becomes furred, La Loba sings some more, and more of the creature comes into being." - Clarissa Pinkola Estes


manic gypsy said...

I really like this one Cat......

Unknown said...

Thank you Joni...not sure just what I'm doing it's all out of my imagination you know...just trusting my "wild" instincts!