Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dreams and Reality

Today I am thinking about dreams and reality. I am of the opinion that these two can be defined by a thin line. They are of course closely related and I think dependent on one another in that one affects the other.

During introspective periods, I find myself asking, can I achieve this dream or make it reality or is that a pipe dream. I have to ask is this a positive or negative and how will it affect my life. Am I willing and prepared for the outcome and consequences, of the choices I make that will affect my reality and dreams.

I have learned that it is essential to have dreams to pursue and working toward making them reality contributes to personal happiness and is fundamental to a successful life. As well believing in yourself and your capacities is necessary to take on challenges, obstacles and disappointments that are sure to cross your path along the way. I am an idealist but as I get older I need to feel my feet in reality regardless if I like it or not.

Many elements are involved in fulfilling dreams and hopes. Hard work, commitment, finding and following passions. Sometimes later in life we can come to the realization we have lost touch with what we are passionate about for a myriad of reasons. The good news is we can change this, we have a choice.

I have also learned that perhaps we are unable to achieve our dreams in spite of doing all that we can in order to actualize them. Perhaps we can find that the journey is the important part and when we come to the end, we find a deep satisfaction with what we have been left with, something different, but just as fulfilling, as what the original goal would be.

Today while listening to the radio, I heard a 72 year old woman from PEI that was graduating today, from University, with her BA in English. She was fulfilling a sixty year goal. What an inspiration she was to me. This example speaks loudly and clearly. It truly is never to late to live life passionately, to the fullest and to follow your dreams.

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