Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh boy I'll sleep well tonight!

Well I spent the day in the library down the road in the next village close to where I live. I was having some serious problems with my CD trying to get my digital images written on to it so I could submit my Canada Council application form for my Research and Creation grant. I thought... ok here we go my hyper anxiety neurosis about not being able to get this thing in the mail. I thought... that's it... it isn't going to go. I'm frigged! But thanks to my library friend who had a good CD as opposed to mine, it worked! I was able to get it done! What sweet relief! I got it in the mail this afternoon and just this past hour I sent the online stuff. Holy what a rush and well, I'm pretty darn proud of myself for actually doing this and getting it done! Not sure if this blog helped but I am happy to have it, to be able to write about how happy I am. Wished I had someone to celebrate with. :( I will sleep well tonight!

Kindest Regards - Catherine

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