Monday, January 14, 2019

My Inner Journey - I've hit over a 1,000 views

Serenity Prayer

As my title of this post says, I've reached 1,044 hits. I've been writing as regularly as I can up until now. I wish I had more focused mental energy to write every day or a least every two or three days.  But for now I'll will be content with being able to write little buy slowly. My long hand jounaling also has decreased, but something is better than nothing.

When I ask myself why I write, I heard Shawn Leonard say writing is like prayer, which I have always felt to be true, since I began to daily journal. It doesn't mean that I always want to do it but I do anyway because it's good for me, helping me to define my world and who I am.
 I can connect with the power greater than myself. It's meditative, restorative and imparts serenity.

 Truthfully, I'm not really sure I understand why people are reluctant to write on a regular basis. I expect it might be for a few reasons, like worrying about critcism or exposing yourself. But if this is the case, I say you're the one who holds the pen, and you choose what you write. What's written, is up to no one else, but you.

 Worry is useless exercise. It reflects our mistrust and lack of faith in the Universe or in God, which ever you prefer. Journaling takes you on an interesting inner journey, that covers a life time of adventures, numerous challenges, a whole lot of highs and lows, and inbetween times, which can be pretty mundane and makes for real boring reading, regardless though, they are just as important.

Writing and reading go hand and hand. I was first introduced to regular journaling, by a friend who was an artist, teacher and an art therapist. She  recommended I read a book, which she lent to me.  The  Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, is a life changing book, my favourite kind, and  it's how I learned about ''Morning Pages''.
The rewards of writing, journaling and blogging are great, and I'll continue to do so, for the rest of my life, as long as I can, one day at a time, because writing is good for my soul.

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