Saturday, June 9, 2018

Get Off That Internet!

Lots of us are concerned that our kids are spending way too much time on the internet, but as adults supposedly setting an example, with attached cell phones, and constant immediate access to the internet, we probably spend even more time online than our kids, so we can't really expect to set much of an example.

I have no cell phone, nor do I want one. Having a desk top computer is more than enough for me. Oh I get all the convenience and how cell phones even save lives and provide safety features of sorts when someone is lost or in a dangerous situation. I also see how cell phones have become an addiction, a diversion, a poor substitute for face to face communication and there are increasing security concerns that threaten our privacy.

Before writing this blog today, I got outside to prepare my garden for planting soon. I can't say I really wanted to get out there to work and could have easily opted to sit in front of my computer screen. But my body memory tells me, I'll be very happy and finding the experience very rewarding afterward and in the days to come, especially when I'm picking and preparing to eat my fresh vegetables.

Today if I'd chosen to stay inside on my device, I'd never written this post and shared this great video, co-written and performed by two of my favourite performers, Steve Poltz and Danny Michel. It's really entertaining, fun and gets the message across.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day of gardening, except for the part when the horse flies bit my butt through my pants, but I know I'll do it again tomorrow anyway.

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