Thursday, May 3, 2018

My Fred Flintstone Cars

You get a car!
No, I do, because I have some very generous and sweet friends that have given me their 2001 Buick Le sabre.

I've been without a vehicle for, well I don't remember how long, maybe three years now..
There have been numerous lengths of time throughout the years, when I was without wheels. When I did have a car, they were what I call, Fred Flintstone cars.

I have lots of very vivid and now, funny memories surrounding these second hand junkers I've owned over the years. Like the time I worked in a remote location, up a very long dirt road , as a cook/waitress in a place called Cape Dor.

One of the hottest afternoons of the Summer,  I motored my way back down the hill after working my shift, in my recently purchased purple Kia, I called her The Purple Beet. It caught fire, I almost went hysterical, it was so frightening and couldn't even figure out whether to run up the hill or down.

Our great Advocate Harbour volunteer Fire Department got the fire under control and that was the end of my Kia. The whole Village could see the billowing smoke from the mountain and I'm sure there was lots of talk that day. It sure wasn't funny then, but it is now.

Being without a vehicle, and living in a very rural community really poses a lot of unique challenges. Like having to hitchhike and hour and a half away to University. This happened the first month of my first year and the last month of my last year after returning to University in 2009.

Oh was that fun, especially after I'd often find myself stranded in the middle of no where. Once this was proceeded by the an emotional meltdown, with all the elements, hungry, angry, lonely and tired. I had no money, no car, was majorly sleep deprived, and was being attacked by mosquitoes along the side of the country road and no one would pick me up.

I would have to get up at four a.m., to be out on the side of the road to get a lift to town with a neighbour. He'd drop me off  at 6:30 and wait to meet up with the Fine Arts receptionist at the gas station, who then drive me to Mount Allison University. After classes I'd have to get out on the road again hoping and praying I'd get a drive, and then it would start all over again the next morning.

Looking back, I've often really wondered how the hell I went through that, but I did, because I wanted to my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree so badly, more than anything and was willing to do whatever it took to to graduate. That was six years ago. Graduating at the age of 59, with my BFA in 2012, felt like I had conquered a mountain, and I did really. It was an emotional mountain. A hard climb but I made it!

Being without a vehicle this time round, compared to what it was like then, while attending University has been pretty much a cake walk, all things considered and relative.

Tomorrow I will get the new, old car. Yes it's old, but not a Fred Flintstone model. Next month to the day almost will be my 65th Birthday. This Buick Lesabre is one of the best Birthday presents ever.

Thank you to my sweet friends Monica and Garfield who are sadly leaving our small community and moving away to the big city. I will miss you all very much and I'm so grateful for your kindness.

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