Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hope Predicts Creativity

Spring is my favourite time of year. Everything is growing new in creation. The smell of the earth after a gentle Spring rain is heaven to me.

Outside my studio window is my Lilac tree forming new blossoms, soon to be in bloom in June. The newly arrived Hummingbirds are so plentiful, flitting around the tree. They lift my spirit and make my heart flutter like their wings, as they eat the nectar from the three feeders I've hung for them.

Spring makes me feel hopeful and causes me to reflect on hope.

It's rare for humans to actually see a Hummingbird's nest and at times it might feel rare to see evidence of hope in today's world. But I believe it is absolutely vital to remain hopeful. If you loose hope we give up on life itself.

A study done by ARMÉNIO REGO a PhD and master in Organization and Management of Companies concluded that hope predicts creativity and directly affects our creative output and it's what gives us a positive belief in the future. Hope is essential and integral to humanity and it's the force that sustains us to face the challenges in our lives.

Alexander Pope's philosophical and affirmative poem An Essay to Man encourages us to rely on hope that leads into faith, when he stated "Hope Springs Eternal".

Wild Flowers - Catherine Meyers

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