Saturday, May 5, 2018

Forgiveness, Perfection and Creativity

There is no perfection, only beautiful versions of brokenness. - Anne Lamott

Today I've been thinking about forgiveness. My thought is in order to forgive, there has to be trust involved. We have to find the trust in ourselves, enough to know we can forgive, and be forgiven, because there also has to be trust present in the other, believing that they will also forgive us.

If we don't make the conscious decision to forgive others from the start of our relationships, our friendships are highly unlikely to last, and we'll not be able to ride the rough seas of emotional interactions with human beings, because humans are imperfect.

Our sense of justice, wrong and right can override reality, in that the expectations we have of others exceed their ability to measure up to our high standards and ideals. We can create problems by demanding superhuman perfection in others or of oneself.

Perfection can be seen as a kind of rejection of life, and a defense against the fear of being human and therefore vulnerable to hurt. Perhaps we won't accept nothing less than perfection, because we ourselves have been expected to be perfect and have failed.

Perfection is a creativity killer and robs us our happiness in life.


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Catherine Meyers said...

Thank you very much Janis, I appreciate you reading!