Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy In My Dirt

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 I'm not a fan of Winter. I experience the affects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. These symptoms of SAD can also appear in the early Spring and are more commonly experienced by women for whatever reason..

I know I shouldn't wish my time away, but admittedly I spend a good portion of the Winter months wishing for those warm, sunny, Spring days, so I can play outside, in the dirt!

I planted a number of seeds early in the year, that are now germinating and growing, reaching for the sun as they prepare for Spring transplanting. I grow a lot of plants inside and especially love the flowering ones if I can find them. Doing this makes my creative soul happy.

Gardener's know instinctively that digging in dirt makes them happy, it's why they do it. But it's a scientific fact there is a Happy Hormone, called Mycobacterium vaccae found in soil that humans can benefit greatly from, as it's is a natural antidepressant that can help to combat the affects of SAD and the decrease in Serotonin levels that affect our feelings of happiness..

Yesterday I transplanted some succulents, two slips I got from a friend has beautiful little bright yellow flowers, that are about to bloom I hope. I also planted some pansy seeds, that ironically I had to place into a completely dark spot away from the sun for ten days, in order for them to germinate. Pansies don't complain, they like it, and it's what helps them grow.

And so each Winter I now try to consciously embrace my inner pansy, to adapt and cope with, those biochemical SAD feelings that happen, due to the lack of sunshine. It makes my Spring so much sweeter when I do.

So if you're feeling SAD get your hands into the dirt, grow something, You'll feel better, and you might even find it to be a trans-formative experience.

Wild Flowers - Egg Tempera on Ceramic Tile - 2012 - Catherine Meyers

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