Monday, March 19, 2018


In the 1980 I left my Nova Scotia home, traveling to Toronto Ontario to study Mime. It was here that I met my dear friend Kate. We were both studying Commedia dell'arte . I immediately made a connection with her, we became good friends.

It was during this time in Toronto I'd met my late husband Bill who had serious health problems, having brittle diabetes and drug induced paranoid schizophrenia, which ultimately resulted in his death at the young age of 26. Kate had kindly attended Bill's funeral as she'd gotten to know Bill. He was very fond of her, as I believe she'd felt the same about him.

I lost touch with Kate, but the short story is, many years after I found myself working a night shift with time on my hands in the North West Territories. I decided to watch a program on Vision T.V. I was suddenly riveted to the television after realizing Kate was on the T.V. screen. She was being featured on this program and was talking about this one woman play she'd produced and acted in, relating her personal struggles with mental health. I was so excited and from that point on I was determined that one day I'd find her again. Understand this was well before Facebook, so it wasn't until several years later I was able to connect with her through Facebook.

Kate along with her husband, actor and producer Bill Rogers, established the company HumourUs that promotes the benefits and the importance of humour and how much it can help us to overcome. This is something  I inherently knew as a rather troubled kid, because I always felt better when I could make myself and others laugh. Humour helps to keep us humble and reminds us of our humanity. These three tools have long helped me to lighten my load, to live a healthier and happier life, and Kate has also helped me to learn this important lesson, and I'm grateful for that.

Today Kate posted this article, written about what she does and who she is, and  I wanted to share.

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