Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday - Making the World a Better Place - Awakening Creativity

Lent, Palm Sunday and Good Friday always leaves me with conflicted feelings of sadness, but with the joy and hope of Easter to follow. It is my favourite time of year coinciding with Spring, the Paschal Moon and being so grateful for all of God's creation who is the Master Artist of all.

When I was ten years old I remember so poignantly an experience I'm so grateful for, that I had with my mother, and it'll be forever etched in my psyche. We'd watched the Easter story on our old black and white T.V. one afternoon, just the two of us together. When it came to the part of the story where Jesus was crucified we were both crying. It was a time when my mother and I felt an intimate closeness in out shared sorrow. I remember asking her, why did they do this to him? She simply said, "I don't know."

Little did I know then, all these years later, how this childhood moment I shared with my loving and faithful mother as we cried together, it would still affect me to this day. I still ask they same question, but more importantly now what I ask is, what I can do to lessen suffering in my search for a better world?

Found within my mother's honest heartfelt reply to my question, was an answer to the questions I still have. I find myself still frequently asking why, regarding the sufferings in the world, both past and present. I could find a myriad of reasons, but what is more important for me today, is figuring out what I can do about this suffering, and now causes me to reflect on what Payam Akhavan the human rights activist and Lawyer, who insight-fully and so wisely stated.

"Where there is empathy there is always a solution, where there is apathy there is always an excuse"

" I had a stark choice: to exercise my freedom to become a bystander, or to commit my life to struggling for justice."

" It is painful struggle that makes the world a better place not effortless feel-good platitudes."

                                                        - Payam Akhavan

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