Thursday, January 11, 2018

I Find Grace - Moe Clark

 Grandmother and Grandfather John and Rosamond  Hahnen and Family.

 It might seem to some a simple thing to see a family photo, but photography can be a powerful tool to bridge a gap between generations that can psychologically and I think spiritually heal and restore broken family connections.

Seeing this wonderful family portrait today of my great grandparents and their whole family for the first time ever, fills me with great joy.

There was a time, not really so many years ago, that I couldn't ever imagine knowing what my father's family looked like as I'd spent 26 years separated from my dad at an early age for a myriad of reasons, many of these were emotionally complicated and painful. No one was to, blame it's just want happened.

My father rarely talked about his family, but I knew how much he loved his mother Katie(Catherine), my grandmother for whom I was named after. She died young, the year I was born in 1953. Seeing this photo of my grandmother's family deeply touched me. It fills me with joy and I certainly find Grace in this simple photograph. I feel a deep sense of belonging that is heals and empowers my sense of identity.

I have posted the song by multi-talented Metis artist Moe Clark, that describes how I feel.

I I Find Grace from Bis Films on Vimeo.

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