Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yes And...

'Qrplt*xk' - Rachel Dratch

I was always crazy for watching and listening to comedians, SNL, SCTV and Kids in the Hall to name a few. I could never seem to get enough and I'm still this way.

People have said to me, on more than one occasion, that I should have been a stand up comedian. As much as I'm flattered when I hear this, I could never do it. The fear of failure would consume me with fear. My nerves would chew me up with anxiety and leave me dead in the water. Unless of course if I worked with others doing improvisation, then I'd be alright, and this I know from personal experience.

I see life as being a kind of exercise in improvisation. Often many of us live by the seat of our pants, going with the flow and being open to saying yes and...

Spending a lot of time on my own growing up, and I quickly learned to entertain myself, making faces in the mirror, dancing and singing. When I discovered I could make my family laugh by "performing" impersonations etc., it really felt good, making me happy and it was a therapeutic activity for me. It was an escape from reality and it gave me an exciting sense of freedom that I really didn't fully comprehend, but I knew that it made me feel great.

As an adult I got to fulfill my dream of becoming immersed in the study of clowning, developmental drama, theatre, and then improvisation and Commedia dell'arte.

Learning about Viola Spolin, a remarkable woman is who was responsible for the beginnings and development of improvisation. This exciting affirmation of my innate and if not subconscious knowledge that improvisation was a powerful tool, allowing me to somehow transform myself, and was enabled by tapping into my intuition, and spontaneity, all active and essential elements to creativity.

Sam Wasson

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