Sunday, December 17, 2017

Lhasa de Sela - Love Came Here

Lhasa de Sela (September 27, 1972 – January 1, 2010)

Last week I was thinking about how much I miss hearing the late Lhasa de Sela on the CBC Montreal show A Propos with host Jim Corcoran. Then, just as I was listening and said to myself it's like she's been forgotten, Jim announced they would be broadcasting the next episode all about Lhasa. I loved Lhasa so much as many did and still do.

I know hearing this re-broadcast of Lhasa was no coincidence. Christmas and New Years is a time when for many, loss comes poignantly into view and it's no different for me.

Lhasa emotionally touches the human psyche with her voice, words and song. Especially when she sings in Spanish, even though I don't understand the language, my soul understands.

The kind of music Lhasa sings is the language of the heart, of loss and longing, and of love.

Love Came Here - Lhasa

There is no end to this story
No final tragedy or glory
Love came here and never left
Now that my heart is open
It can't be closed or broken
Love came here and never left
Now I'll have to live with loving you forever
Although our days of living life together
Of living life together are over
There's nothing here to throw away
I came to you in light of day
And love came here and never left.

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