Friday, December 29, 2017

Got the Blues? Time for Some Serious Hygge

Christmas can be and should be a beautiful time, but far to often it's a painful and difficult season for too many. If we can find joy, comfort, love and grace in the simply things it will help to beat the Christmas and post Christmas/New Years blues.

So in between Christmas and New Years is a great time to get your serious Hygge on people! It's been very seriously bone chillin' cold here in Nova Scotia, and across Canada.  It's been the very worst time to loose power or have the motor on your furnace to conk out, which mine did, but thank fully was fixed right away, and I do have a wood stove to keep me warm, thank God.

Every one in Nova Scotia now has had their power restored after four days without it. Power was lost Christmas Day when a big honkin' wind storm hit the South Shore. Fortunately our area in Cumberland County was spared.

I've been putting to good use what I got as Christmas gifts this year, a French Cafe hot chocolate maker, don't forget the marsh mellows! And a traditional English Brown Betty Teapot with a mesh strainer to put your loose tea in, (Dejeerling). Both oh so very Hygge!

When I crawl into bed tonight it will be under a big Queen sized thick flannel red blanket from Portugal that my friends so generously gifted me. Oh boy, coziness squared!

 Christmas Blessings to those who celebrate the old Christmas, and wishing you all much Hygge health in the New Year 2018, and don't forget to bring a little Hygge to someone's life, it might mean the world to them.

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