Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sarah Pound

Sarah Pound

I first met and heard Sarah Pound sing, His Eye Is On the Sparrow, at a beautiful Celebration of Life service for a close mutual friend at the Baptist Church in Wolfville Nova Scotia.

This song had been especially requested by our late friend. I hadn't ever recalled hearing it in the past, during my years of attending Church and being in choirs.

Now I'll never forget it, because and I'd never heard anything quiet like it. I've since heard other versions by Lorne Hill and the late Whitney Houston, but they were nothing like this. It was, perfection.

The interpretation Sarah gave was second to none, in the way she lifted each and every spirit up at a time of deep grief, as she poured her heart and soul into every word and note. Safe to say she absolutely touched every one's heart deeply, if not moving us to tears.

To say Sarah Pound is an emerging talent would very much be an understatement, because of her innate natural ability and talent, that she obviously has honed on a professional level. Her passion for singing is immediately apparent and infectious. And so, I wanted to let every body know about this gifted home grown, Nova Scotia musician with the broader public who I'm certain is co-joined with the angels of Heaven.

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